The work of the Berlin based graphic design studio LGB5.
Thumbnail: Eloquent 3lp
Bata Bar
Jazz Against The Machine (JATM) – Black Bossa
Eloquent –  Das Ich Und Dein Verhängnis ...
Fleur Earth, Explosionsschutz – Kurzschluss
Sneakers & Caps
MyHammer iPhone App
MyHammer iPad App
Apparatus Musicus Selected Store Animation
Selected Store Picks Mag
Jens Löser – Speaker & Sales Expert Webshop
Pilsdaddy – Club Mathe
Necro – I Need Drugs Clothing Katalog
Kankick – From Artz Unknown Mag
Formaganda Magazine
40 Winks – Outside The Box
Marteria – Sekundenschlaf
Finest Ego – Japanese Beatmaker
High Spirit Agency – Identity
Back Light Icons
Diamonds – Millionen Körper
Adidas — Def Jam
Kankick – Beautiful
Nike Sneakers
30x30 – Und eine Brücke…
30x30 – »Wenn man…«
30x30 – Forminator
30x30 – Anamorphosis
30x30 – Alphabet Style
30x30 – Miles Ahead
30x30 – RZM
Openair Frektal – 10
Grouch & Eligh – Say G&E
Newdist – Identity
Greenpeace – »Und Papa hat…«
Othello –  Alive at the Assembly Line Selected Store - Can You...?
Bored Stiff – International
Nike – Where Ya At? Selected Store - Image Clip
The Grouch - Show You the World Selected Store - Identity
Loosing Light
Fuck Hollywood
Blue Note – Diggin in the Crates
Braille – The IV
Playin' God
The Nonce – Advanced State...
GitBeats – Just One of those Days
Pilskills – Das Album von Pilskills
The CMA – Canustaycool?
Unlike – A Different Type
Omid – Musical Chairs